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13 November 2014

Four seasons in China

Season/Location Winter 2012 Beijing Zoo Summer 2013 Changchun City Zoo & Botanical Garden The New Harbin Zoo Autumn 2013 Hangzhou Zoo Spring 2014 Kunming Zoo…

13 November 2014

Eternal Sunshine of South Europe

13 November 2014

Chiang Mai, Thailand: the Elephants

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26 August 2014

London: Rise of the Zoo-goer Class

    ZSL London Zoo not only is the embodiment of dense biodiversity, but also a Pantheon of the 20th Century contemporary architecture…

21 December 2013

A Silverback Gorilla in Love

They said Bokito the silverback gorilla is in love…

17 June 2013

Shenyang: Relocated Zoos; Invisible Animals

Please contact nadia@office-sola…

15 March 2013

Berlin: 4′ 33″ Light Sleep for the Okapi

            Zoo Berlin was opened in 1844; it was Germany’s first and Europe’s ninth zoo, where most animals were donated by the then…

01 March 2013

Shanghai: Men, Women, Keep Dreaming

06 November 2012

[Book] The Grand Zoo

The Grand Zoo On Fourteen Zoos and the Stories Surrounding Written and photographed by M…