The Grand Zoo
On Fourteen Zoos and the Stories Surrounding
Written and photographed by M. Nadia Ho

Non-fiction Literature, Photography
Traditional Chinese 304p;
June 2014; Dodo / Book Republic
ISBN 13 /9789869031776 ISBN 10 / 9869031773


The Grand Zoo is a non-fiction literature book on history, wars, political implementation, land use, urban landscape, civil rights, and cultural characteristics of and around the fourteen zoos in Europe and Asia, along with series of true stories and essays on human-animal intimacy, utilitarianism, cruelty and symbolism, where literature text, arts, films and music are broadly referenced.

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Preface: The Second Giraffe in Copenhagen

London Zoo: The Rise of the Zoo-goer Class [excerpt]

The Pink Floyd Pigs

Jardin des Plantes Paris: A Long Walk for Species

Reasons for Tortoise George’s Lonesomeness

Jardin d’Acclimatation Paris: At the End of the Carousel [excerpt]

Toughest Dogs in Paris

Love and Blood of a Bullfighter

(West) Berlin Zoo: Life On This Crowded Planet

Bokito: A Silverback Gorilla in Love [excerpt]

4′ 33″ Light Sleep for the Okapi [excerpt]

Zoos during Wartime

(East) Berlin Tierpark: Good bye, Lenin!

Take Care of Yourself, Mama

Montpellier Zoo:Slowness

Unicorn, Rhinos, and Patti Smith

Mad as a March Hare

Night Safari: Taking a Nap in Singapore

Recipe for the Roly-Poly Cat Pudding

The Happiness That Tanukis Could Possibly Long for

Shanghai Zoo: Men, Women, Keep Dreaming [excerpt]

Love is a Dog

Ryan Gosling is A Kangaroo

Changchun Zoo and Botanical Garden: The Manchurian Spring

There’s One Place in the World That Can Satisfy a Homing Pigeon

Harbin Zoo: The Elephant On A Business Trip

The Elephant and the Castle

The White Whale: Destroy or Reborn

Badaling “Wildlife” Park: Dancing Bears

Weeping Camels

Last Snow Leopard in Alxa League

Beijing Zoo: 107 Years of Civil Resistance

The Simple Life for Wolves

The Hotness of Donkey Riders

Panda: A Political Life

Bioparco di Roma: Days in Eternity

Oil-Covered Little Egrets

When Migrating Birds Stay

Taipei Zoo: Memories of a City

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