M. Nadia Ho


Photojournalist, Writer, Producer

US-based, Taiwanese freelance journalist, via Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin and currently back in New York City. Author of two literary fictions and one non-fiction photojournalism book. Alma Mater: National Taiwan University and Columbia University (SIPA). I-House NYC 2002 Alumna. Areas of Interests: Sexual Inequalities, Land Use in China, and Dance. Bilingual in English and Chinese.

email: nadia@office-sola.com

The Grand Zoo ‖ Nonfiction, Photography, Chinese, 2014 Book Republic
Songs for a Crow ‖ Fiction, Chinese, 2012 UNITAS Publishing
Everything that We Are About to Lose ‖ Fiction, Chinese, 2009 INK Publishing

Nominated, “The Grand Zoo”, Best Books of 2014 ‖ China Times, Republic of China
Creative Grant ‖ National Arts & Cultural Foundation, Republic of China 2013- 2014
For the creative writing, photography and field work “Animals and Thoughts that are Currently Endangered” in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore
Literary Writing Fellowship ‖ National Art & Culture Foundation 2010- 2011
For the creative writing and field work “Homework for the Novelist” in Tokyo, Japan

The Most Dangerous Book: The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses ‖ Kevin Birmingham (USA), June 2016, Taipei, Taiwan
Maddaddam ‖ Margaret Atwood (Canada), August 2015, Taipei, Taiwan
International ‖ The Rebjata Poetry Group (Poland), August 2014, Warsaw, Poland
#tag Signature work yet to come_2009-2014 ‖ Graphic Design Book, August 2014 R-Star Publishing
Annabel ‖ Fiction, a Novel by Kathleen Winter, Traditional Chinese, July 2014
My Name is a Code ‖ Photography Book, April 2012 R-Star Publishing

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