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Member of Pen America and National Museum of Taiwanese Literature, winner of China Times Literary Prize (時報文學獎), fourth time literary grantee for National Culture & Arts Foundation

Alma Mater: KU Leuven Law- Brussels (2022), School of International & Public Affairs at Columbia University, National Taiwan University


Official Logotype Cards (Versions Prelude, Blue and White)

for upcoming Novel Whale Fall


Book 4: A Time to Dance, New York‖ Nonfiction 2018 © Chiukou Publishing / ISBN 9789864501762

The Grand Zoo ‖ Nonfiction and Photography (Nominated for Book of the Year by China Times)

‖ Simplified Chinese, 2017 © DookBook / ISBN 9787550279186

‖ Korean, 2016 © Across Books Korea / ISBN 9788997379965

Traditional Chinese, 2014 (out of print) © Book Republic / ISBN 9789869031776

Songs for a Crow ‖ Fiction, 2012 © UNITAS Publishing / ISBN 9789575229719

Everything that We Are About to Lose ‖ Fiction, 2009 © INK Publishing INK / ISBN 9789866377105

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For New York Times Travel Magazine China

Cover Story: Born to be a New Yorker, Sun Yi at NY Fashion Week SS20 10/2019

Living with Nature, 34-page Insert for Destination British Columbia, Canada 08/2019

Chanel: The Paris-New York 2018-19 Métiers d’art 08/2019

Footsteps: Harry Winston and The Diamond City 12/2018

Features & Special Reports

Laws in Translation (in English) Crossing NYC 04/2018

The Longest Day: US Presidential Election 2016 Through the Looking Glass (co-hosting with Sina News) Crossing 11/2016

Special Report: International Prosecutions on Sexual Violence during Wartime (Landmark cases of Former Yugoslavia, Chad, and Guatemala), The Initium 12/2016

Muhammad Ali, An American Sina News 05/2016

Zoo Berlin: Station to Station, War to War (text & photos) CityZine 2013

Animals in the City: Graffiti and Murals in London (text & photos) City Magazine 2013


Loud Minority Crossing 2015~2018

On Performing Arts in New York City Bios Monthly 2015-17

A Song for a Zoo OKAPI at 2012~2013

Wind of the East, China Times Print Edition 2007~2008


Literary Compilations

Where is its Home? City, Animals and Literature ‖ Literary Studies 2017 © Tong Hwa University

Unread – The Museum Issue ‖ Arts & Literature 2017 © Beijing United

Absente: Musée de          ‖ Arts & Literature; English /Chinese 2014 © BigArt Press

Best Prose Anthology 2013 ‖ Proses & Essay 2014 © Chiukou Publishing

The Last Book ‖ Proses, 2012 © Commas Publishing

Literary Translation

The Heart Goes Last ‖ Margaret Atwood, 2017 © Chiukou Publishing

The Most Dangerous Book ‖ Kevin Birmingham, 2016 © Chiukou Publishing

MaddAddam ‖ Margaret Atwood, 2015 © Tianpei Publishing

International ‖ The Rebjata Poetry Group, 2014 © Czuły Barbarzyńca Press

No.223 ‖ Lin Zhipeng, Chinese-to-English 2015 © R-Star Publishing

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