M. Nadia Ho


My earliest memory of creative process was witnessing the birth of The Theater of the Deaf, where the actors communicated like dancing. In my teens, I trained in ballet, modern dance, and martial arts through a common mixed approach adopted by the dance educators at the moment. I had always been the storyteller since childhood. At age of 11, I wrote my first short story, a romantic tragedy, and handmade a stab-bound book for it. By age of 17, my writings were published by two national newspapers in Taiwan. I majored in international relations in college, when the campus Ethernet became more important than air conditioners.  

I am multicultural and multilingual and my career is full of pluralism.  A Taiwanese passport holder, New York City resident, Pen American professional member, native Mandarin Chinese writer, daily English conversationist, and an N2 proficiency Japanese speaker. I went to graduate school in New York with classmates from some 50 other countries (or non-countries). I have published books, short stories, columns, photography features, and Op-Ed. I interviewed movie stars and business leaders and took some curious cases of translation from the Cannes nominated films to criminal investigations from the Supreme Court. I once traveled on behalf of an American media’s Chinese licensee while the press trip was sponsored by the Canadian government. I remember the days I felt at home in a foreign land, yet sometimes I found myself a stranger at home.

In 2020, you can find my books in a bookstore under Travel Literature, a classification I’d gladly accept. Still, the line between my daily life and my traveling days is blurred. Each of my four books was based on my experiences in different countries. My first book was a novella set in the pre-Olympic Beijing; then I released a collection of short stories set in Tokyo under a fictitious tsunami flood. My third book The Grand Zoo went beyond to have featured my photos and essays along the journey to 14 countries in Europe and Asia. And finally, Book 4 came out as a literary guidebook to my beloved resident city New York for those who love performing arts, hidden gems, and dark humor.

As a writer, I live from book to book. Between the publication dates of my books, I’d be searching for what to write about by immersing in the labor market at the peak of globalization, from music production, digital advertising, election campaigns, higher education counseling to real estate research. My professional relationship with international media outlets has often placed me amid Chinese-markets-related affairs, where I benefit from insider knowledge of the language and culture while simultaneously remaining at a remove from the nation-state of China and its political governance and ideologies. The everchanging human relations vis-à-vis economic inequalities, natural disasters, and urban development has always intrigued me. All in all, what matters the most to me is the motivation behind people’s behaviors, that is, what they love, and how they want to be loved. And that is the reason I write.¨

Newly admitted to L.L.M. Master of IP & ICT Law at KU Leuven Brussels (2021-22).

I received my Master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University and B.A in Political Science from National Taiwan University.

The global publishing and licensing rights of my creative works are co-managed by Homeward Publishing and myself.

Member of Pen America & winner of China Times Literary Prize.

You can view a list of selected bylines and publications here.