Office Sola was founded by me, Nadia Ho, in 2008. The creative service agency had traveled with me along the way and now back in Brooklyn, New York City.

I am a New York City-based Taiwanese novelist, translator and marketing producer. As the author of four books in Mandarin Chinese, I write about humankind’s relationship to the environment, especially vis-à-vis natural disasters and urban development, in various genres and styles. My work is deeply influenced by my time travelling and the shifting perceptions of personal, social, and cultural identity in New York, Beijing, Berlin, Tokyo, and elsewhere.

Beyond my literary career, I have created and executed over 50 large or small content-driven marketing campaigns for corporate clients and cultural institutions across Asia and the U.S. , where I specialize in long-term, experience-oriented, cross-cultural, and multilingual campaign strategies. In addition to producing marketing campaigns and writing books, I collaborate with media to produce feature stories or interviews when I find the topic or interviewee intriguing.

My professional experience in the entertainment and media industries has often placed me in the midst of Chinese-markets-related organizations and platforms, where I benefit from insider knowledge of the language and culture while simultaneously remaining at a remove from the nation-state of China and its political governance and ideologies.

I received my Master’s degree in International Affairs at Columbia University and B.A in Political Science from National Taiwan University.

The global publishing and licensing rights of my creative works are co-managed by Homeward Publishing and myself.

I am currently a professional member of Pen America

You can view a list of selected bylines and publications here.